#COLAtownFoodie: Spotted Salamander

Spotted Salamander

Spotted Salamander

This is part of our new monthly #COLAtownFoodie series featuring what the Insta foodie (and her date) ate at local restaurants – plus, her recommendations + pro tips.

My dish: To our surprise, our awesome waiter brought over a platter of pork belly and pimento cheese egg rolls with white BBQ sauce and the deviled eggs du jour (bacon jam) from Chef Jessica (thanks, girl)! Next, we ordered from the daily specials menu (like any bawsy #COLAtown lady should)… I went with the Fried Chicken Spotted Salad.

What my date ate: My bestie had the South Carolina soft shell crab, pan-seared with honey basil aioli, spring mix, tomato and pickles on a toasty bun.

Pro tip: Each table at Spotted features a different salt and pepper shaker (owners/couple Jessica and Jake carefully curate these, what a great touch!). We got the I <3 NYC shakers.

Conclusion: As always, the food at Spotted Salamander was out of this world and the service – unbeatable. Can’t wait to go back. Lunch date anyone?

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