Date night with Tebow


A couple of weeks ago, we told you the best ways to ball out at Spirit Communications Park with your groupies. But what about date night with bae? (Your bf, dad, dog + Tim Tebow all count as bae, FYI.)

Bojangles Berm | 💸 $5

👯 Bestie date

Grab a blanket + a brew to best experience the ultimate *chill* spot: a sloped lawn in the left, right + center fields. Pro tip #1: Get there early to snag a couple of the limited Adirondack chairs. Pro tip #2: I had a great view of Tebow’s backside, ahem, home run, on opening night from the left field berm.

Reserved Seats | 💸 $9

💏 Longtime bf/gf or husband/wife date

You’re way past the phase of trying to impress each other with fancy box seats. More money for beer.

Palmetto Citizens FCU All-Star Seats | 💸 $10
👫 First date.

Never opt for the cheapest seats on the first date. She/he won’t be disappointed with the view directly behind home plate. But in case the date doesn’t go well (a.k.a. you have a *family emergency*), don’t blow all your cash on premium seating, either.

Home Run Porch | 💸 $10

👪 Kid date

Located just beyond the left field wall, these seats are ideal for catching a home run ball. The food + drink rail makes it easier to distracting antsy little ones with hotdogs + nachos.

On-Deck Seats | 💸 $12

Old teammate date

Located in the first 4 rows between the dugouts, these seats put you as close to the action as you can get, just like you are in the on-deck circle getting ready to face the opposing pitcher.

Scout Seats | 💸 $14

👨‍💼 Dad date

Being the most luxurious single-seat ticket, this is the obvious choice for when your parents are in town (+ paying). Scout seats are located at the top of the seating bowl + feature padded seats, a food + drink rail, wide seating for lots of legroom + a wait staff.

Bullpen Boxes | 💸 $48/table + 4 tickets

👫👫 Double date

With high-top table and chair seating for you, your bf + the couple you tolerate, the Bullpen Boxes are outdoor mini-suites with a wait staff.

4 Topps | 💸 $50/table + 4 tickets

👩‍💻 Workwife date (+ coworkers, + your boss is paying)

Located down the first base line, the 4 Topps feature a half-moon table, four swivel seats + wait service (a.k.a. no waiting in lines).

Get yo’ tix in advance + take your date out to the ballgame. If you really want to impress her, stop by the merch shop + get her a Fireflies baseball cap.

Catch me at the game tomorrow against the Lexington Legends at 7 p.m. for Thirsty Thursday (half-priced draft beer + fountain drinks). I’ll be on the berm for my Tebow date with a blanket + River Rat Luminescent Lager.

P.S. – Shoutout to *my* Workwife Chloe for the PT modeling gig.


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