Be the broker — Answered: Starbucks in the Vista

The closed Starbucks located at 831 Gervais St. | Photo by @bringsalads2cola

On Dec. 8, the Starbucks located at 831 Gervais St. in the Vista officially closed. We asked locals on Instagram to be the broker and share with us any thoughts on what should come next for this prime real estate located on the corner of Gervais + Lincoln Streets.

Here are some of the top answers out of 200+ responses:

1️⃣ Chopt Creative Salad Co. “@choptsalad” — @mckenzie_roland

2️⃣ “CAVA!” — @do_yall_have_grits

3️⃣ Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams “@jenisicecreams 👏👏👏” — @robertwclifton 

A few people mentioned replacing the coffee chain with “A local coffee shop 🙌🙌” — @xhannahrodriguez and recommend places like:

  • @lovelandcoffee” — @laurenfaithryals
  • @blum_coffee just saying 🤷‍♀️” — @summergracebateman
  • @piecewisecoffee” — @jmbhakta
  • @indahcoffee 👀☕️” — @evyplaya
  • There were also some votes for Black Rifle Coffee Company — a coffee company headquartered in Utah. @blackriflecoffee@chloe.weyer

We had a few live music lovers that entered the chat:

  • “Soul food and live music would be perfect” — @jasdeo__
  • “JAZZ BAR” — @alainathehustla
  • Get a local coffee shop that can hang, or like everyone else said… JAZZ BAR” — @huntiiii

Can we make some commotion for the pride in place we saw?: 

  • “I vote a speakeasy or some sort of local business! NOTHING CORPORATE.” — @sunkissed_slumber
  • “A shop that specializes in South Carolina-made items, like jams, sauces, honey, artwork, jewelry, photography, literature, etc. Things from all over the state. I’d love to see something like that.” — @lindanunezscpr

Regardless of what this location will become, never think your voice doesn’t matter + know that businesses are listening. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself:

  • “If any of these opened, I would single-handed[ly] let keep them in business: @papiquesoclt @hoppin_gvl @viciousbiscuits @pourtaproomgvl @seoulfoodmeatco @coopsullivans @shakeshack @suarezbakeryandbarra @suarezbakery” — @crdm530 

The business replied:

  • “@crdm530 We like the way you think 👌😋💕” — @Suarezbakeryandbarra