Today Is College Colors Day

Today is College Colors Day. This year’s theme is United We Fan, meant to celebrate the power of college fandom togetherness, even when people are physically apart during COVID-19. Since we only have ~three weeks until football season returns, let’s take a look at how UofSC landed on garnet + black

So, how do colleges choose their colors? Well, it turns out there isn’t just one way. The Kentucky Wildcats colors were chosen by a student vote. Florida ended up with orange and blue after two schools merged to create UF. Tennessee’s colors were chosen by the university’s Athletics Association President when he saw a cluster of orange + white daisies growing on campus. As for UofSC, garnet + black were chosen because they are the two most dominant colors of the Gamecock. These colors have been used by the Gamecocks since 1892. 

Here are a few fast facts about UofSC to get you even more excited about repping garnet + black:

🐔 Cocky won National Mascot of the Year in 1986, 1994, and 2004. Cocky was also ranked no. 7 by Sports Illustrated for greatest mascots in college football history

🐔 The Sporting News rated UofSC’s “2001” as the most exciting pregame entry in all of college football. Check out the video + get pumped here

🐔 The Gamecocks participated in the College Baseball World Series in 1981 + 1982 and Cocky was picked as the official mascot of the CWS both years.

🐔 The Gamecocks will be participating in a 10-game conference-only schedule, with the team’s first game slated for Sat., Sept. 26. Game time is just around the corner + we are so excited.

Not sure what Gamecock football will look like this year? Stay tuned for an updated 2020 College Football convo coming soon. And if you want to take your #GamecockPride a step further, you can create a custom wallpaper to rep UofSC here. Show us your #CollegeColors on instagram with #COLAtoday. 📸

Spurs up. 🏈

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