#TryThis: Using the free Eye on Water mobile app

Graphic of app and water meter
The Eye on Water app allows users to easily track their water usage from anywhere | Image provided by Columbia Water

DYK May 2-8 is National Drinking Water Week? To celebrate, we learned how to track our water usage using Columbia Water’s new, easy + convenient Eye on Water app. Here’s how it works + how you can #TryThis.


Using the Eye on Water mobile app

What we tried (with pricing): 

  • First, we checked online to see if we had a new, digital meter. (We did.)
  • Next, we visited, which prompted us to download the Eye on Water app via the App Store or Google Play — for free.
  • With the app downloaded, we entered our water service account number + zip code.
  • We then got to create our Eye On Water account with an email address and password. 
  • After verifying our email address, we were able to sign in and start tracking our water usage from anywhere.

What not to miss:

By March 2022, all customers are expected to have a new digital water meter with access to the complimentary Eye On Water app. As of right now, 100,000+ Columbia Water customers have access. Read: 100,000+ Soda Citizens are now able to track their water usage and easily detect leaks at their homes or businesses.

Digital water meter being installed
By March 2022, all Columbia residents are expected to have digital meters installed at no cost to them | Photo provided by Columbia Water

What we’re still talking about: 

We were super impressed with the ease of using the app, not to mention the fact that it’s free.

How you can experience this: 

Download the free Eye on Water mobile app to start tracking your water usage from anywhere.

Screenshot of email containing a water leak alert
The app also offers email alerts to help users get ahead of potential leaks | Image provided by Columbia Water

Things to know if you try it: