Richland County’s program to engage residents

Image via @jatinvisuals

As we hope you’re aware, our inbox is always open for questions you may have about the city. However, contrary to popular belief, Editors Lauren and Jess don’t know everything there is to know about Columbia + surrounding local governments. 

So, we’re here to tell you about a local resource that’s designed to help you better understand local government, get you more involved with your community, and help improve communications between Richland County and its residents.

Engage Richland is a year-round initiative that hosts events — community meetings, hands-on demonstrations, workshops, facility tours, and more — to better connect residents and the County. Event themes (and who events cater to) vary, so we recommend keeping an eye on upcoming topics. 

Currently, there are two events on the Engage Richland calendar:

  • Blue Thumb Landscaper Conference | While this event is sold out, it will provide a learning opportunity to lawn care, grounds maintenance, and landscaping professionals. 
  • Wild About Recycling Drop-off (open to Richland and Lexington County residents) | On Sat., Feb. 27, residents can bring electronics, paper for shredding, scrap metals, tires, and used cooking oils to Riverbanks Zoo for recycling from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

The Engage Richland calendar is frequently updated with new events, which you can keep an eye on here. You can also keep tabs on the Engage Richland initiative through Richland County’s Facebook page.

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