An inclusive and safe rideshare app is launching in Columbia

Image via Pexels

Have you heard the news? There’s a new rideshare company hoppin’ into town + launching next month. The app, HOPIN, is a rideshare service that functions similarly to Uber and Lyft but was created on the principles of safety and inclusivity.

The company’s founder, Ron McKnight, is a Kingstree, SC native + came up with his business idea after losing his credit cards on a trip in NYC. After picking up a prepaid card to call an Uber, he discovered that typical rideshare apps don’t accept prepaid cards

McKnight noticed the gap in inclusivity of those without bank accounts or credit cards + decided to create his own app that would better serve the demographic

Once launched, the app will also offer unique safety features for both riders and drivers, including an SOS feature, which will allow riders to alert up to three friends with their location, driver, and car details. The app will also let riders save preferred drivers + a premium feature will allow female riders to request female drivers.  

Other app features will let riders call rides on demand or pre-schedule them + choose from standard vehicles, SUVs, and luxury vehicles.

HOPIN is expected to launch next month + is headquartered here in Columbia. McKnight is planning to expand to other east coast cities after his launch and one day offer his product nationwide.

While you won’t be able to request a HOPIN ride for another month or so, the app is already available in the app store + interested drivers can sign up here.