The large sports-themed brewery proposed for North Main Street

A little preview of the space from the outside | Photo by @colatoday

We’ve scored big with this one, Cola. A giant sports-themed brewery could be headed our way. 🍻

Yesterday, Sarah Ellis with The State broke the news on a major new brewery that plans to open on North Main St. (in the 3400 block) in the old Stone Manufacturing plant.

A little preview of the space from the outside | Photo by @colatoday

Here’s what you can expect. ⬇️

  • The building is ~63,000 sq. ft. situated on a 3.5 acre lot giving it the potential to become one of the largest breweries in the state.
  • A sports-theme, with a large area for indoor sports + an outdoor activity space (think beach volleyball, pickleball, a mini-soccer field, a rock-climbing wall, and more).
  • 400+ parking spots 🥳
  • And of course, an assortment of beers. Prospective brewers are already in the works. 

According to property owner Scott Middleton (developer of The Main Course, Good Life Cafe + The Grand), the project will revolutionize Cola’s beer scene + spur large revitalization efforts by drawing other businesses to the area and creating another bustling neighborhood of Columbia. Local officials also suspect the brewery will play a role in making the area more walkable.

In the Cola office, we’re excitedly (and patiently) waiting as the brewery is expected to open in the next two years.

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