City of Columbia mandatory mask ordinance returns


Last night, the City of Columbia Council passed an emergency ordinance, which will require all residents (ages 5 and up) to wear a mask in public and when visiting businesses in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The ordinance will go into effect immediately and will last for 30 days.

The City of Cayce passed a similar ordinance on Tuesday that will be in effect for 60 days beginning on Fri., Sept. 10 and the City of West Columbia also has a mask mandate that will be in place for 30 days.

The City of Columbia ordinance will affect those within the city limits. Unsure of where those lie? Check out this map.

So when will masks be required?

Inside a public building

Waiting to enter a public building

Interacting with others outdoors within 6 feet of each other

In public and private businesses

Public and private transportation

Walking in public when it isn’t possible to maintain 6 feet distance from others

When do I not need to wear a mask?

In personal vehicles

In an enclosed space or when you’re only with members of your household

During outdoor physical activity not within 6 feet of others

While actively eating, drinking, or smoking

Within religious establishments

When a mask causes or aggravates a health condition

When a mask would prevent the receipt of personal services

View the entire ordinance here.