The City of Columbia + a local nonprofit launch Meatless Monday campaign

Peace of Soul employee holding two plates of food
Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen is one local option for celebrating Meatless Monday starting April 12 | Photo vis Let’s Meat Less

Lettuce tell you something cool — on April 12, local nonprofit Let’s Meat Less is kicking off a partnership with the City of Columbia to begin the Meatless Monday campaign. 🥬

Besides helping the earth, the new weekly Meatless Monday will provide an opportunity to shine a spotlight on local businesses + organizations and their plentiful and creative meatless offerings, including food, art, coffee, beer, and other goods and services.

Don’t carrot all about going meatless? These stats might change your mind:

🥕 If all 131,674 residents of Columbia took part in Meatless Monday for one year, it would help prevent environmental damage equivalent to driving over 57 million miles (aka saving 240 thousand round-trip drives between Cola and Charleston).

🥕 Each day that someone eats plant-based adds 46 minutes to their lifespan.

🥕 A cow releases 23 times more greenhouse gases than a car.

Bean convinced yet? Check out Let’s Meat Less’s website for local restaurants, grocery stores, and recipe ideas to help you take part in Meatless Monday, happening every Monday starting April 12.

We’re *rooting* for you to check out these resources.