Meet the Cola Today Editors

Hi Cola, Sam + David here — the faces behind your fave ~5-min. morning newsletter. 👋 Between the two of us, we enjoy sharing local news, events, and conversations on the coolest happenings in Cola. 

You’re probably thinking — wait. I’ve been seeing these guy’s faces at the bottom of my newsletter for a while now. We know. But with the news being so crazy, we felt like we haven’t had the chance to formally introduce ourselves as COLAtoday’s newest duo. 

So, without further ado, 

Meet David 👋

Question 1: What makes you the local expert in Cola? 

A: I’ve lived in five different Cola neighborhoods since moving here to attend UofSC in 2002, and tried to make myself a regular at a local business in each area. Miss you Drip Five Points!

Question 2: If you were taking someone on a tour around Cola, where are the three places you’re going? 

A: I’d begin the day with a walk around the UofSC campus and explore the hidden areas around the Horseshoe. Hopefully that walk helped work up our appetite for a chicken sandwich from Drake’s Duck-In, followed by a trip to the Columbia Museum of Art

Question 3: If you could only write about one Cola-specific topic for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

A: Columbia’s music scene. DYK, I filmed and edited live videos with 49 local musicians at iconic Cola locations + public art installations over the past two years? 

Meet Sam 👋

Question 1: What were the last 3 things you did downtown? 

A: I was in Five Points last time I went downtown. I grabbed Saturday brunch at The Gourmet Shop, tagged along while my husband bought a new skateboard at Bluetile Skateboards, and got Gong Cha milk tea for the ride home. 

Question 2: If you could only write about one Cola-specific topic for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

A: I enjoy writing about the history of Columbia. I learn more about my city, and I absolutely love when readers email us with memories they have of Columbia.

Question 3: If you were writing a song about Cola, what would your first line be? 

A: “I love Columbia, no, not the one in Missouri” 🎶