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Prisma Health On Call: Ask your heart health questions 🫀

What heart health questions do you have for Prisma Health heart and vascular specialists?

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Prisma Health heart and vascular specialists are here to answer your questions.

Photo provided by Prisma Health

With heart attacks striking 805,000 people in the US every year (that’s one person every 40 seconds), it’s never too early to learn what you can do to stay on top of your heart health. ❤️

That’s why in this month’s installment of Prisma Health On Call, we’re connecting readers to Prisma Health heart and vascular specialists who are here, on call, and ready to answer your heart health questions. Think:

❓ What can I do to prevent heart disease (or improve my heart if I’m already at risk)?
❓ How do I know if my chest pain is just heartburn or something more serious?
❓ I have high blood pressure — what’s my risk of a heart attack?
What are some heart-healthy foods I can start incorporating into my diet?

Submit your questions below, and we’ll share the experts’ answers in a few weeks.*


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