Prisma Health On Call: Ask the experts your questions about strokes

Prisma Health stroke specialists are here to answer your questions. | Photo provided by Prisma Health

No one should have to suffer through a serious stroke before taking strokes seriously. Even a mild stroke can mean months of recovery. And yet, with the right knowledge and lifestyle choices, experts estimate that 80% of strokes are preventable.

In this month’s installment of Prisma Health On Call, we’re connecting readers to Prisma Health experts who are here, on call, ready to answer your stroke questions, including those about prevention, risks, signs + symptoms, recovery, and more.


❓What lifestyle choices can I make to reduce the risks of having a stroke?
❓What should I do if I believe someone might be having a stroke?
❓What can I expect in the way of care + recovery if I or a loved one have a stroke?

For a condition where seconds count, this could quite literally be lifesaving information

Submit your questions below, and we’ll share the physicians’ answers in a few weeks.*

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