Sally Salamander: Columbia’s amphibian-lead walking tour

Photo by Sally Salamander on Facebook

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Sally Salamander

Have you ever seen all the salamanders around Columbia?

No, not these… 😳



If you haven’t noticed the salamander statues around downtown, are you really a true Soda Citizen? When we first spotted them, we thought they were just an artistic ode to the state amphibian, but they don’t just make our city more colorfulthey lead tours.

The seven-inch salamander even has a name: Sally Salamander – and her purpose is to guide visitors through famous Cola landmarks. If you follow each statue’s number, Sally will lead you through Soda City’s history + give you some good photo-ops along the way.

Here are the fast facts:

🤝 The original 10 numbered statues were first created in 2009 in partnership with the Leadership Columbia Class of 2009 as a mascot for a downtown walking tour.

📍 Each statue marks historic landmarks, notable local businesses, public art installations, and more.

👟 If you follow the tour stops from beginning to end, you’ll go through a two-mile loop.

🦎 With help from Mayor Steve Benjamin’s office + Nephron Pharmaceuticals, the salamanders got an update from students at Heathwood Hall in Dec. 2018. Projects included adding 10 more salamanders (bringing the total count to 20 across downtown Columbia), a Sally Salamander children’s book (available for purchase at the Mast General Store) + an app to guide people through the tour.

🔎 Here are some of the places to look out for the salamanders: S.C. State House, Never Bust by Blue Sky, Columbia Museum of Art, Blue Marlin, Arcade Mall + Sweet Cream.

So, the next time you have a free afternoon, pull up the walking tour map and go on a scavenger hunt to find Cola’s favorite buildings.