Breaking down the South Carolina State Budget

South Carolina State House | Photo via @nsteward

As of July 1, the South Carolina state budget is in. Out of the approximately $30.1 billion in general funds for the fiscal year 2021-2022, the Midlands can expect to see ~$20 million in Richland and Lexington counties with funding approved for about 40 projects. 

#DYK that $8.9 billion of that pie is from general funds and ~85% of the general fund comes from income + sales taxes?

Richland County has placed in the top 3 counties for funding with $17 million. Here are some of the big dollar projects that got approved. 

💸 $9 million will go toward renovations at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. 

💸 $750,000 will be awarded to the New Morning Foundation.

💸 $500,000 to the City of Forest Acres Bridge Replacement.

💸 $500,000 towards the Palmetto Trail Columbia and Elmwood Greenway.

💸 $500,000 to the Forest Lake Place Bridge. 


Additionally, $850,000 was approved for updates to the Five Points area to create more safety measures for pedestrians and bicyclists. Then over the river, $1 million was given to create a visitors center at Cayce’s 12,000 Year History Park, located at 1120 Fort Congaree Trail.


The budget allows for $1,000 pay raises for SC teachers + enough funding to hire a resource officer and nurse at each school. This year schools will also be given funding to have access to mental health counselors + expand the needs-based 4-year-old kindergarten. 

There’s also is money approved in the budget to freeze college tuition, approx. $40 million to increase the state’s workforce training programs, and additional funds to expand broadband access.

South Carolina will also see about $13 million on outdoor public spaces + park projects. $20 million will be alloted to recruit and retain law enforcement officers, and an additional $150 million divided up for projects across the state.

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