The future of tech growth in Columbia SC

The co-founder of Mapquest, Chris Heivly, is currently in Columbia meeting with entrepreneurs in hopes that Columba will become a technologically centered destination

The goal for Columbia is to not only focus on growing manufacturing + economic developments, but to prioritize technology companies. To help with this initiative, Richland County Economic Development reached out to Chris for consulting. 

Chris thinks Columbia’s technology development will see growth once local technology companies inspire one another’s growth and participate in a culture of entrepreneurship. Ever wondered about which technology companies exist in Columbia already? Here are just a few:

  • EngenuitySC  was created to provide a project management team to keep innovative and competitive projects moving forward in Columbia. 
  • Innovate Columbia is the hub for all the resources from space, networking, funding or mentorship. 
  • IT-oLogy provides educational resources — open to students + professionals — to set you and your business up for success. 
  • Land Intelligence  is a streamlining business for land acquisition pertaining to location, permits, properties, and more.
  • One Million Cups is a hub by and for entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and connect with a supportive community.  
  • SCRA connects startups to mentorship opportunities + funding. 
  • Van Robotics is a national, educational robot named ABii that helps keep K-5 students on track.
  • You may find a few more on this list of startup companies that are still growing. 

Calling all other UofSC students or entrepreneurs in training — there are resources for you + the USC Columbia Technology Incubator’s goal is to help business growth through education, mentorship, and establishing community connections. 

Don’t already have a business, but have an Excel-lent idea for 1? Here’s everything you need to know about booting up a business in the City of Columbia.