“The Uva” sandwich at Bojangles

"The Uva" | Photo via COLAtoday

By now, you may have heard of the “Uva” secret menu item at Bojangles that has taken social media by storm. If you haven’t, the order consists of a Cajun filet topped with pimento cheese on a Bo-Berry biscuit. Pretty unusual, right?

“The Uva” | Photo via COLAtoday

Last week, Mike Uva, a local sports reporter for WACH Fox, tweeted about an, unfortunate at the time, Bojangles order mixup that placed his usual order of a Cajun filet with pimento cheese on a Bo-Berry biscuit (instead of the usual plain biscuit). However, he followed up his tweet to mention that the combination wasn’t so bad + quickly got the attention of many others and Bojangles themselves.

Within a couple of days, interested followers began giving Uva’s accidental combination a try + many took to Twitter to share their thoughts – seemingly enjoying the new concoction. Bojangles’ solution? Add the trending combo as a new secret menu item called “The Uva”.

Bojangles added “The Uva” as a secret menu item. | Tweet via @Bojangles

We decided it was only right to give “The Uva” a try + check out what all the talk was about. Our verdict? If pimento cheese is your jam, the unlikely combination of savory, sweet and spicy is an unforgettable pairing that makes for a filling meal. But if you aren’t so much of a pimento cheese fan, it wipes off of the Cajun filet pretty easily.

This whole ordeal got us thinking – if we could have a local restaurant name a dish after us, which restaurant and what dish would we choose? Honestly, it’s a pretty tough question.

Want to make your own “Uva” biscuit with local ingredients? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

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Di Prato’s, City Limits BBQ + The Gourmet Shop have pimento cheese that Cola can’t get enough of

○ You might find some drool-worthy biscuits at Rambo’s Fat Cat Biscuits and Bubba’s Biscuits

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