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#TryThis: Virtually visit the Columbia Museum of Art

Dr. Catherine Walworth in the Columbia Museum of Art's vault
Walworth Wednesday, one of the online offerings available through the free “Museum from Home” experience with the Columbia Museum of Art | photo provided

Hey, Cola – Kayla here. Before COVID, I got to visit one of my favorite places – the Columbia Museum of Art – to tour their exhibition It’s Alive! Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Art from the Kirk Hammett Collection. While we patiently wait for the CMA to reopen its doors, here’s the good news: You can experience what the museum has to offer – for free – from the comfort + safety of your living room. Here’s a peek into Museum from Home + why you should #TryThis.


Museum from Home virtual offerings from the Columbia Museum of Art 

Close up of hand painting a canvas
Museum from Home features art demos, artist interviews and more | Image via Columbia Museum of Art

What we tried: 

A virtual gallery tour of It’s Alive!, which features 100+ pieces of graphic art, hailing back to the heyday of Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi + beyond. Bonus: Your tour guide? Kirk Hammett, collector of horror and sci-fi film art, also known as lead guitarist for a little band called Metallica.

Kirt Hammett gesturing toward glass case containing prop axe from The Shining
Kirk Hammett with the prop axe from The Shining | Video produced by James Serpico

In addition to the classic posters + custom guitars on display, the exhibition includes several iconic movie props, like the axe wielded by Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Heeere’s Johnny!

Don’t miss:

#WalworthWednesday, when the museum’s curator, Dr. Catherine Walworth, takes viewers (virtually) into the museum’s vault and shares a treasure that’s been stored away from public view for some time. 

What we’re still talking about:

The art activities for kids + adults range from leaf rubbings to making your own marbled paper. As I was low on supplies, I tried my hand at leaf rubbings – needing only crayons (colored pencils, in my case), a piece of paper + a handful of leaves from my backyard.

Leaf rubbings done in color pencil
BRB while I mail this to my mom to hang on the fridge | Priceless artwork by Kayla Machado

Other notable Museum from Home online features include interviews with artists Phillip Mullen + Joseph Norman; ‘How It’s Done’ videos on topics like glassblowing + lithography; access to the multimedia performance Harlem South and more.

How you can experience this:

Charge up your laptop + start exploring. 🧑‍💻

Things to know if you go: