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Angel investing is making Columbia better
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VentureSouth provides capital and expertise to some of the most promising startups in the Southeast, including 6AM City, Healthycell, Spiffy, and Kiyatec. | .Gif by 6AM City; select photos provided by VentureSouth
If you’re familiar with 6AM City (COLAtoday’s parent company), Healthycell (a new way to get your daily nutrients), Spiffy (genius at on-demand car cleaning), or Kiyatec (the future of cancer care), then it might blow your mind to find out what these startups all have in common (and how they’ve grown into multi-million dollar businesses): VentureSouth.

VentureSouth is an early-stage venture firm that provides capital and expertise to some of the most promising startups in the Southeast through its angel investment network and funds. The firm has co-invested with dozens of venture capital funds, angel groups, family offices, and corporate investors — resulting in some impressive numbers:
  • 480. Active investors who are part of VentureSouth (making it one of the largest angel investment groups in the US).
  • $75 million. Total dollars VentureSouth has invested into startups.
  • 100. Companies that have benefited from VentureSouth funding.
  • 2,000+. The number of high-paying jobs VentureSouth portfolio companies have created.

What does this mean to Soda Citizens?

Without VentureSouth, you might not have COLAtoday to sit down and read — and many other businesses wouldn’t exist, either.

Early-stage startups often have great ideas, but limited access to funds to make those ideas a reality. That’s where VentureSouth comes in. Its mission, “Make Money. Have Fun. Do Good.” is all about making a positive impact in the Southeast communities where these early-stage ventures are born and where they want to grow.

Okay, but what exactly is angel investing?

Angel investors are individuals who fund early stage companies with the potential to grow quickly and generate strong returns. Which is risky. But investors have a better chance of financial success when partnering with a firm with a disciplined process, diligence, and portfolio diversification — aka exactly what VentureSouth provides.

How to get started:

1. Check out the qualifications for being an accredited investor.
2. Attend an upcoming virtual info session. VentureSouth is hosting four free sessions in April:
  • Tues., April 4, 8:30 a.m. EST + 7:30 p.m. EST
  • Thurs., April 6, 12:30 p.m. EST + 5:30 p.m. EST
3. Join VentureSouth. VentureSouth offers ongoing investor education to help new angels learn to “Make Money. Have Fun. Do Good.”*
Are you currently investing in early stage companies or interested in becoming an angel investor?

A. I’m actively investing
B. I’m interested
C. It’s not for me

Let us know.
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