Historic Columbia’s upcoming March events

Historic Columbia’s March events feature tours, concerts, and webinars, celebrating Columbia’s history and culture.

hp with shutters_03.jpg.jpeg

The Hampton Preston Mansion and Gardens offer classic Southern charm and a greenhouse space. | Photo by Historic Columbia

The birds in the gardens are singing and the flowers are begining to bloom, here are seven Historic Columbia events coming up in March:

  • University Hill Walking Tour | Sunday, March 10 | A journey through one of Columbia’s oldest neighborhoods, showcasing diverse architectural styles.
  • Birdwatching in the Gardens | Thursday, March 14 | A guided exploration of over 100 bird species in the Hampton-Preston Gardens.
  • Concert in the Gardens | Thursday, March 14 | An evening with the SC Philharmonic at the Museum of the Reconstruction Era, blending light classics and garden ambiance.
  • Wavering Place Tours | Saturday, March 16 | Discover the deep history and evolving stories of Wavering Place, from the 1830s through the 1940s.
  • Free Sunday at Mann-Simons Site | Sunday, March 17 | Experience the legacy of an African American family’s commercial and domestic endeavors.
  • Renovation Rodeo | Millwood Ave. | Thursday, March 21 | Peek into the transformation of a mid-century modern commercial property.
  • SC’s Jewish Merchants Webinar | Sunday, March 24 | Delve into the contributions of Jewish merchants across South Carolina.