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Try This: How to receive the same care as Gamecock athletes from Prisma Health physicians

We went behind-the-scenes to see what it looks like to be the Gamecock team physician — and to learn how athletes are cared for on and off the field.

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Dr. Pollack is part of a large network of Prisma Health physicians who provide elite care to elite athletes.

Photo by COLAtoday team

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City Editor Sam here. 👋 When I was younger, my parents were on the sidelines at every University of South Carolina home football game — not as fans (even though they were big fans), but as radiology technologists ready to take X-rays of Gamecock football players when they were injured.

Now as a UofSC alum, I was excited to have the opportunity to go on a behind-the-scenes tour with the doctors of Prisma Health, the official health system for the Gamecocks. Here’s what I learned about how UofSC athletes are cared for on and off the field.

What we tried:

Dr. Matthew Pollack is a Prisma Health orthopedic physician and is one of the team physicians for the UofSC football team (as well as all UofSC student-athletes). He pulled back the curtains for the COLAtoday team by showing what it looks like to be the team physician. I spoke to Dr. Pollack about the care players receive while touring the Gamecock facilities, including the weight room, the athletic training room, the indoor practice facilities, and more.

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The indoor practice field is where athletes train for a winning season.

Photo by COLAtoday team

What not to miss:

Prisma Health physicians who work with UofSC student athletes have a large network of doctors, sports medicine professionals, and more that extends + covers athletes across the Midlandsincluding roughly seven universities and several high schools. The web of care ensures there is a professional at all practices, pre- and post- home and away games, and scrimmages, as well the availability of clinics over the weekend.

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Prisma Health physicians provide care to Gamecock players on and off the field — including in the weight room.

Photo by COLAtoday team

What we’re still talking about:

From mental health care to ACL tears to common cold symptoms + nutrition, every athlete receives head to toe care by Prisma Health. On the tour, I was able to see what students would experience as a UofSC athlete. The facilities alone could have made me want to join the team, but the amount of care at your fingertips is a cherry on top. We’re talking sensory deprivation tanks, full-sized practice fields, state-of-the-art athletic training rooms, and more.

How you can experience this:

Did you know the general population has access to these same providers? Read: you can receive the same care as elite level athletes. Receiving care is as easy as finding a Prisma Health doctor who will game-plan with you about your health.

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The Prisma Health team of physicians help keep our athletes (and you) in tip top shape.

Photo provided by Prisma Health

Things to know if you go:

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