One Book, One Community book unveiling

Discover the year’s One Book pick at Bierkeller, Sunday, April 21, 3-5 p.m. Expect Earth Day vibes, local poets, insights, and competitions


Bierkeller is hosting the event for the new One Book summer series. | Photo by Bierkeller Columbia

The Jasper Project, One Columbia, and All Good Books are hosting an event on Sunday, April 21 from 3-5 p.m. at Bierkeller to unveil the One Book selection for this year.

The One Book, One Community project began in the Seattle public library system in 1998, inviting communities to read and discuss the same book over a designated period. Columbia embraced the project in 2011, leading to years of programming centered around a single book.

This year’s announcement event anticipates Earth Day. Hint: the author lives, works, and writes in Columbia, and the book’s themed around nature, environmental responsibility, and unity.

Columbia’s Poet Laureate Jennifer Bartell Boykin and regional poet Al Black will present original works inspired by the chosen book. USC professor of History, Dr. Melissa Stuckey, and One Columbia’s Xavier Blake will be on hand to offer insights into the book.

In addition to the One Book announcement, The Jasper Project will share a One Book inspired visual art, literary art, and singer-songwriter competition open to Midlands area artists.