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Replace a squeaky seat at the Koger Center

Koger Center for the Arts is embarking on an exciting upgrade, beginning with the replacement of the squeaky seats in Gonzales Hall.


The Name-A-Seat campaign offers three tiers of donations. | Photo by Koger Center for the Arts

Koger Center for the Arts announced plans to install new seats this summer, replacing the squeaky seats in Gonzales Hall. The seats currently in the venue were installed when the building was constructed in 1988.

Part of the transformation gives patrons the opportunity to have their names etched in Koger Center history. Donations for the Name-A-Seat campaign range from $250 for a balcony seat to $1,000 for an extra spot up front.

Contributions will support programming and upgrades for the local entertainment center. While the named seats don’t grant ownership or reservations, donors receive an invitation to an exclusive seat unveiling event. Each seat plaque can accommodate up to 25 characters, so donors can choose their own names or dedicate seats in memory to honor loved ones.