Litter cleanup efforts in the Midlands

litter cleanup
PalmettoPride litter cleanup | Image via @palmettopridekscb

We couldn’t help but notice a few trashy conversations recently, so we decided to get involved.

As the pandemic continues, many Midlands residents have noticed increased amounts of litter on the sides of the roads + we’ve heard a few Soda Citizens wondering what they can do to help keep our community clean.

There are a few causes of the increased litter loads you may be spotting, according to a recent WIS article. For starters, the coronavirus pandemic has prevented Department of Corrections clean-up crews from cleaning up the roads in the interest of everyone’s health. Additionally, more individuals have been ordering to-go meals, which has caused an increase in food bags + boxes being thrown from cars. South Carolina Department of Transportation officials have also found many littered masks and gloves.

This week, reader George T. reached out to ask, “Other than practicing good litter habits, what can a private citizen do to alleviate litter on the entrances to the Soda City?”.

So, what can you do to help?

First and foremost, as reader George T. said, practice good litter habits. If you order food to-go or wear a disposable mask, hold on to your trash until you’re home or have stopped somewhere where you can dispose of it properly. Check out our recycling guide for details on proper recycling in the Midlands.

Get involved.

Both Keep the Midlands Beautiful and PalmettoPride offer programs and opportunities to get involved + help clean up your community. 

  • One-time cleanups with Keep the Midlands Beautiful if you’re looking for a low-commitment way to organize your own effort with family or a group of friends. Organization of the event is free and Keep the Midlands Beautiful will lend the necessary supplies. Register your proposed clean up here.
  • Looking for an opportunity with more regular involvement? PalmettoPride’s Clean Teams gather community members to clean roadways, neighborhoods, parks, streams and waterways, and trails. Clean teams are required to conduct four cleanups per year + monitor their areas for illegal dumping, graffiti, etc. PalmettoPride also allows Clean Teams to request supplies ahead of scheduled cleanups.

Want to nip littering in the bud? Save PalmettoPride’s free, statewide Litter Busters Hotline (1-877-7LITTER) + give it a call if you witness a litterbug.