Samantha Robertson in a white shirt and grey vest

Samantha Robertson

City Editor

Sam is based in Columbia, SC and previously worked in PR marketing for several local brands and startups in the Soda City before joining COLAtoday as a City Editor in 2021. When she’s not content creating, she loves staying active, brunching around town, rooting for the Gamecocks, and spending time by the rivers.

Throughout the month of July, COLAtoday will be sharing content celebrating the beverage industry in our community.
Looking for a way to lend a paw or just want a furry friend? These shelters across Columbia could use your help fostering, adopting, or volunteering.
A new Komodo dragon habitat is in the works to provide more engaging, up-close views of the endangered monitors and is part of the Phase One Bridge to the Wild project.
We opened the conversation up to you, and asked, “Can you relate to the sentiment of feeling like “empty nesters” when students leave for the summer?” Here’s what you said.
If fully approved, the $733+ million cove project would include a Regional Conference Center, a marina, hotels, retail space, and homes near Beekeeper Court and North Lake Drive.
Keep reading below to see the details on where all five Gamecock football players will be playing beginning next season in the NFL, following the NFL’s 2023 Draft.
We are taking a moment to showcase several show-stopping videos on social media that have resonated with Soda Citizens and taken pride in place to the next level.
There are only five Trash the Poop Dog Days of Summer games this season, so don’t miss the opportunity to treat your pup.
The widening and repaving project was possible thanks to Richland County’s Transportation Penny Program — a $1.07 billion initiative that will be utilized for 22 years or until the budget has been depleted.
Good news for Columbia.
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