Softshell crabs in Columbia, SC at Smoked

Softshell crab season is here.


Soft-shell crabs from the SC coast are only in season a few months a year. | Photo by Mark Stebnicki via Pexels

Smoked (1643 Main St.) is getting its first batch of soft-shell crabs of the season, and Executive Chef Cody Rosswho recently won the Golden Ticket at the Taste of Lake Murray food competition — is wasting no time getting the Southern delicacy on plates and will serve them as the Chef’s feature tonight.

The soft-shell season typically starts in late March, but it depends on when the full moon occurs. That’s when the Atlantic blue crustaceans pop out of their hard shell and into the transitional soft shell allowing for summertime growth. This is also the perfect time to catch them at their most delicate and most delicious stage.

Ditch the crab shell crackers — you can eat these Lowcountry saltwater “softies,” shell and all.