4 local organizations receive SCRA funding in Columbia, SC

South Carolina State House, Columbia, SC

South Carolina State House, Columbia, SC | Photo via @cinematic.aerials

The South Carolina Research Authority was established in 1983 to help drive the state’s innovation economy. This week the organization hopped back in the driver’s seat and awarded $212,500 to 7 South Carolina companies that were accepted as member companies + approved for grant funding. Of the 7 companies selected, 4 are based right here in the capital city.

Wondering who received funding? Let’s check it out. 💸

Bird Dog Deals, LLC, founded in 2020

Project Development Fund Grant — $25,000

This local company created a real estate acquisition automation software called Bird Dog that streamlines underwriting for large investors interested in purchasing real estate.

Carolina Diagnostic Solutions, Inc., founded in 2014

Project Development Fund Grant — $17,500

Carolina Diagnostic Solutions was founded as a resource to offer respiratory testing, diagnosis, and treatment to patients in all levels of healthcare with chronic pulmonary diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, and COPD.

University of South Carolina Office of Economic Engagement, est. in 2013

Demonstration Grant — $50,000

The funding will be used to find solutions for manufacturers in industrialized technology. The solutions will hopefully provide more efficient manufacturing processes to reduce downtime and prevent quality inconsistency. The Office of Economic Engagement brings together industry leaders and provides resources on innovative technology + entrepreneurship to build community partnerships.

Validide Corporation, founded in 2021

Project Development Fund Grant — $25,000

Validide is a startup community working to develop personal identity protection services, such as an identity wallet system. The company aims to transform personal credentials + assets into verifiable credentials (think similar to bitcoin) that individuals could protect and share as necessary.

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