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How Public Works works in Columbia

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Public works is one of those things you know about, but would have a hard time explaining in detail — just us? Okay. Well, if there are any Soda Citizens out there curious about how Public Works works in our city, we’re here to help — and so are they.

The Public Works Department performs daily tasks that support the infrastructural maintenance, repairs, and improvement of 831 miles on the County Road Maintenance System.

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 11.49.34 AM

CIP resurfacing project on Hollingwood Dr. | Photo from

🛠️ What does that look like?

Road Maintenance and Repair | Think filling in potholes, smaller paving jobs, curb and gutter maintenance, sidewalk repairs, and more.

Drainage Maintenance | Think clearing of pipes, reinforcing concrete in pipes, installation of drainage pipes, and more.

Traffic Control and Traffic Safety | Think installing stop signs, speed humps, road painting, and other traffic operations.

Vegetation Maintenance | Think trimming trees back so you can see road signs, unclogging drains, and various mowing needs.

Emergency Maintenance and Road Hazards | Think time-sensitive requests, like removing any obstables that block the flow of traffic.

Roads & Drainage – Projects Section | Think complex, lengthy infrastructure projects that exceed repair maintenance, like addressing flooding concerns.

Capital Improvement Projects | Think smaller sidewalk construction or road paving.

🛠️ Who pays for the projects?

Funding for each project is derived from two main sourcesThe Road Maintenance Fee + “C” Funds (County Transportation Committee funding). The funds are collected from Richland County residents’ personal property taxes on vehiclesgenerating ~$6,000,000 per year — or given on a discretionary case-by-case basis for projects that meet established criteria.

🛠️ How can I submit a request?

If you need street or sidewalk maintenance, you may submit a request here or contact Street Maintenance at (803) 545-3790.

After you submit a request, Street Maintenance will determine who maintains the street or sidewalk. If the City maintains it, your request will be added to the maintenance list. If not, Street Maintenance will notify SCDOT of your request and you can contact SCDOT directly at (803) 786-0128.

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