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Columbia’s most iconic landmarks

We’re giving you the 411 on the Cola’s landmarks — from the Gervais Street Bridge to Adluh Flour. Learn about their history, fun facts, and just why Soda Citizens and visitors alike find them so iconic.


The Adluh Flour building rise from the Vista and glows on Columbia’s skyline. | Photo by @ircodavid

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We’ve all been there: Someone’s trying to give you directions by describing 10 lefts, 20 rights, and a jumble of cardinal directions. Isn’t it easier to just point out a landmark?

That’s exactly what we’re doing. We have a list of 15 of the most recognizable Soda City landmarks — from the AT&T microwave tower to USC’s Horseshoe. Not only are these local icons easy to remember, but they’ll also get you where you need to go in a jiffy.

Adluh Flour Mill

Address: 804 Gervais St., Columbia, SC
Nearby: The Vista, Gervais Street Bridge

Adluh Flour Mill has been a staple of Cola’s skyline since it was completed in 1920. This operational, historic mill is a unique feature of downtown Columbia and is famed for its Southern breakfast stapes.

AT&T Microwave Cone Antenna Tower

Address: Near Hampton St., Columbia
Nearby: Robert Mills House, USC

This is a towering piece of mid-20th-century telecom history featuring distinctive microwave cone antennas. Once part of a nationwide network for long-distance communication, it’s now a part of the Cola skyline that leaves people curious.


Drone footage of the clerestory being installed on top of the Babcock building. | Photo by Robb-McCarter via Flock and Rally

Babcock Building

Address: 2100 Bull St., Columbia, SC
Nearby: BullStreet District, Segra Park

The Babcock Building, part of the former South Carolina State Hospital, is known for its distinctive cupola. The historic structure was integral to the BullStreet District’s redevelopment and was replaced after years of work in a ceremony, attended by local leaders and Gov. Henry McMaster.


Address: 898 Barnwell St., Columbia, SC
Nearby: Five Points, USC Campus

Capstone is a landmark building on the USC campus, often lighting up garnet to signal Gamecock victories. It serves as a beacon for freshmen learning their way around campus.

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 2.41.32 PM.png

The updates to Finlay Park include a new lake and renovated fountain. | Rendering via City of Columbia

Finlay Park Fountain

Address: 930 Laurel St., Columbia, SC
Nearby: Arsenal Hill, Governors Mansion

Named after former mayor Kirkman Finlay, Finlay Park Fountain was once the crown jewel spot of the city that fell into disrepair. It’s currently under construction and is a part of a ~$23 million park revitalization.


The famous green fountain on St. Pat’s | Photo by @stpatsinfivepoints

Five Points Fountain

Address: 728 Harden St., Columbia, SC
Nearby: Five Points, Martin Luther King Jr. Park

The fountain at Five Points is a central feature of the village district and a centerpiece of local festivals like St. Pat’s in Five Points and Jerry Fest. It glows when lit up at night and is dyed various colors throughout the year.

Gervais Street Bridge

Gervais Street Bridge at sunset. | Photo via @sodacityandmore

Gervais Street Bridge

Address: Gervais St., Columbia, SC
Nearby: Riverfront Park, The Vista, EdVenture Children’s Museum

This historic bridge has been part of Columbia’s infrastructure since 1928 and was once the only way to cross the Congaree River to West Columbia.


Fishing at the Lake Murray dam. | Photo via @julianachitolina

Lake Murray + Dam Hydroelectric Intake Towers

Address: State Rd. S-36-587, Columbia, SC
Nearby: Dreher Island State Park, Lake Murray Country Visitor Center

Lake Murray and its Hydroelectric Intake Towers are not just functional structures but symbols of the Midlands, offering a scenic spot for sunset walks, boat rides, and picturesque views.

State House -0289

The State House with flowers popping up in spring time. | Photo by COLAtoday team

South Carolina State House

Address: 1100 Gervais St., Columbia, SC
Nearby: USC’ Horseshoe, Main Street District

Built in 1855, the South Carolina State House is the capital building of the state and a central landmark in downtown Columbia. It’s not only the legislative hub but a historic site open to visitors year-round.

South Carolina State Fair Rocket

Address: North Entrance, South Carolina State Fairgrounds, Columbia
Nearby: Williams-Brice Stadium

A historic missile-turned-landmark, the iconic rocket has graced the SC State Fair since the 1960s. Standing 70 feet tall, it’s a nostalgic meeting point for generations of fairgoers.

The Big Apple Now and Then

The Big Apple night club as seen in 1979 (left) and 2023 (right). | Photo via Richland Library Digital Archive and COLAtoday

The Big Apple

Address: 1000 Hampton St., Columbia
Nearby: Richland County Library,

Originally built in 1915 as the House of Peace Synagogue, this building was transformed into the Big Apple Night Club in 1936, a prime African-American club of its time. It’s famously known as the birthplace of the dance craze “The Big Apple” in 1937, a significant piece of American dance history.

Tunnelvision Mural

Address: 1514 Marion St., Columbia, SC
Nearby: Main Street District, Prisma Health Baptist Hospital

The Tunnelvision Mural, painted by renowned local artist Blue Sky, offers an illusion of driving into a sunset. It’s a beloved piece of public art that adds character to the cityscape.


Tripping on bricks in the Historic Horseshoe is basically a right of passage. | Photo by COLAtoday

USC’s Historic Horseshoe

Address: Sumter St., Columbia, SC
Nearby: McKissick Museum, Longstreet Theatre, Russell House

The Historic Horseshoe at USC is rich in history and is home to the South Caroliniana Library, the nation’s oldest freestanding college library. A gathering place for students to sprawl out on the lawn, the Horseshoe has hosted notable guests like President William Howard Taft and Pope John Paul II.

Whaley Residence

Address: 1527 Gervais St., Columbia
Nearby: USC Law School, Main Street District

Renowned for its Queen Anne architecture, the Whaley Residence was designed and built between 1892 and 1893 by W.B. Smith Whaley as his private home. Whaley, a prominent figure in the industrial expansion of Columbia, was best known for designing cotton mills throughout the city. In 1924, the house transitioned into the Dunbar Funeral Home and is now home to Knowledge Perk after a 2022 renovation.

Williams-Brice Stadium

Address: George Rogers Blvd., Columbia
Nearby: State Fairgrounds, SC State Armory

Opened in 1934, Williams-Brice Stadium is the heart of USC sports, hosting Gamecock Football games and significant events like concerts. It’s a place of intense emotion, from the highs of victory to the lows of defeat.

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