Proposed renovations at the Lace House and Arsenal Hill

The Lace House | Image via @deserve2preserve

If you’ve lived in Columbia long enough, chances are you’ve probably attended (or heard of) at least 1 wedding at the Lace House — the yellow home across the Mansion Mall from the Governor’s Mansion. If you haven’t, the house is a popular wedding venue with indoor space, an outdoor garden + a stunning facade.

The Lace House
The Lace House | Image via @deserve2preserve

But what you may not have heard of or seen are the Caldwell-Boylston House + the Carriage House, which sit nearby. Both houses are currently closed to the public due to repairs that need to be made. However, this could soon change.

The South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism is looking for $8.4 million from the state budget to make necessary improvements to the Lace House, Caldwell-Boylston House, and the Carriage House, according to The Post and Courier. If approved by the House by the end of June, the 3 properties will be managed by PRT and renovations will begin.

What will the renovations entail?

  • Almost half of the budget will go towards the Lace House with projects including fixing ironwork, updating bathrooms, cosmetic fixes caused by water leaks, and more.
  • Another $3 million will go towards major updates at the Caldwell-Boylston House, including an updated kitchen fit for caterers + an updated elevator to accommodate wheelchair access.
  • Repairs at the Carriage House will include fixing holes in the ceilings + walls and cost approx. $350,000.
  • $1 million is set to help restore gardens to their original plan.

Following the completion of renovations, the 3 houses will operate as the Venues at Arsenal Hill under the management of PRT + each will be available for rental.

Check out more information on the renovations at Arsenal Hill from The Post and Courier here.


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