5 easy ways to give back to the community this weekend

Photo via @redcrosssc

It’s no secret that we love our community, so we came up with a few ways we can all rally together (even when we’re far apart) during this particularly difficult time for many of our neighbors.

No need to stock up on or donate hand sanitizer for this one, here are five easy ways to give back to our community this weekend.


Photo via @harvesthopefb

Donate to a local food pantry – Grocery stores are having trouble keeping shelves stocked, making it difficult for many to find the food they need. Harvest Hope has an Amazon wish list that allows purchases to be made online and sent directly to their door. (Hello, social distancing.)

○ Donate blood – With increased hospitalizations and medical procedures, there is currently a severe blood shortage. Make an appointment with the American Red Cross to donate blood and help save a life.

Foster an animal – Event cancellations and other precautions have slowed the rate of pet adoptions. If adopting isn’t an option for you, consider fostering a dog or cat while you’re stuck at home. Pawmetto Lifeline’s foster program is accepting applications.

○ Offer to help pick up groceries or medication for grandparents and elderly neighbors – Increased crowds, low food stocks + the threat of infection may make routine errands more difficult for the elderly. If you’re well, offer to pick up items during your trip for someone you know who may find it difficult to go themselves.

○ Donate to a nonprofit through Central Carolina Community Foundation – Nonprofits are facing a lack of volunteers and a decrease in donations due to the market and cancelled events. CCCF is collecting donations for local nonprofit organizations through their Midlands Gives platform and has waived the donation fee

Bonus: thank a health-care provider for their continued sacrifice to our community – chances are they’re risking their own health and safety to treat others.