A love letter to Columbia, SC for Valentine’s Day

We love you, Columbia. Happy Valentine’s Day. | Photo by COLAtoday team

Dear Columbia, we’d love to take credit for today’s conversation, but over 50 of your Soda Citizens wrote in and told us what they loved the most about you. All we did was compile all the submissions from our emails, Facebook + Instagram comments.

We’ll let you in on a little sneak peek. We think some of your best qualities are:

“Location and Weather” — William S. 

“The rivers ❤️” — @eatmonfa

“The people!” — @indigodentistrycolumbia

Before you read on to see what you all love most about Columbia, we wanted to take a second and tell you how much we love + appreciate you as readers. We truly have the dream job of learning, loving, and sharing our city with you — so the fact that you even open our emails, comment on posts, and share your thoughts with us because you share the same sentiment for Columbia as us is something really special. If we could give each one of you Yellow Jasmines, we would. 

“Only a few hours to the beach and/or mountains!” — Maria T. 

“The history” — Linda J. 

“Location and Weather” — William S. 

“It keeps progressing as a livable, desirable and great place to live” — Ann W.

“My hometown where I grew up! Lots of great memories” — Jennifer D. 

“The State Parks!” — Melissa L.

“Her southern-ness.” — Susan L. 

“Riverbanks Zoo” —@joypagerodgers

“The UofSC community (and all the great radio stations here)” — @wuscfm

“Our rivers ❤️” — @eatmonfa

“The foliage! Tropical vibes with season changes!” —@shegarve

“The weather!” — @sl_ashby

“Easy access to whitewater kayaking on the Saluda” — @zekeswanderlust

“The Gamecocks!” — @isabel_l_jordan

“The people!” — @indigodentistrycolumbia

“Potential” — @americasoreo

“Proximity to beach and mountains” — @mcollins048

“The art scene” — @deeebates

“The three rivers that run through our great Capital!!” — @cait_space_

“Richland Library!!” — @staceybee313

“Cantina 76” — @zoerjohnson

“Noma Warehouse” — @johnoco.art

“The number one thing I like about Columbia is Soda City” — Jean. A.

“Its breweries” — Virginia H. 

“The number one thing that I love best about Columbia is the friendly people!” — Joey B. 

“The number one thing I love most about Columbia is the weather.” — K. Dale W. 

“I love Riverfront Park at dawn! The wildlife—owls, deer, herons, hawks, beavers, otters, muskrats, geese, cormorants—and the moon and sunrise!” — Kathryn F. 

“The number one thing I love most about Columbia is everyone seems happy!” — Jim R. 

“The number 1 thing I like about Columbia is the friendly people.” — Jackie H. 

“The number one thing I like most about Columbia is Riverwalk. All of them. My dog, Butters, and I walk every weekend.” — Cathy Madden 

“Public artworks” — Jim L.

“The small town feeling!” Rinzel S.