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Pick up a new hobby (and put down your phone)

Ditch the doomscrolling for a more creative or relaxing activity.

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This six-week class helps students experience will gain an understanding of the elements of design, learn to properly use brushes, develop a color palette and problem solve for composition. | Photo via City Art

Hobbies have no pressure attached to them — by definition, they’re purely for enjoyment and expression. You can’t always say the same about life, which is why having a creative outlet (dare we say escape) is so important.

With just a little time and effort, you can learn a new skill — or pick up where you left off on a past passion no matter how long it’s been. Though the list of hobbies you can pursue in Columbia is long, here are some ideas to get you started.


From City Art to the Columbia Museum of Art, there are plenty of opportunities to brush up on your artwork and add a splash of color to your palette. Learn Acrylic Painting with Alicia Leeke or Explore Plein Air Painting with Mark Conrardy at City Art or learn about gel printing with Cicely Hill at the CMA.

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Migratory birds love the gardens at Historic Columbia sites. | Photo by COLAtoday


If you can’t get enough of the outdoors and love being more in-tune with the natural world, get an eye out for an opening at one of Historic Columbia’s birdwatching tours. The Columbia Audubon Society hosts regular walks + works to build a community that protects birds and their habitats.


Sugar, butter, flour — find the ingredients for a lifetime of making yummy treats by taking a class with The Sweet Shop SC. Want something more savory? Keep an eye out for a Dorsia Pasta Class so you can make your noodles from scratch.

Pottery and ceramics

Get ready to fire up that kiln. The Art Center from Columbia Parks and Rec offers classes from throwing clay to advanced slab building with instructor Sylvia Potts. Educational experiences are also available at State of the Art and Half Moon Pottery, offering classes in painting ceramics and wheel classes for all ages.

What kind of hobby do you like to do in your free time? Let us know.

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