COLAtoday’s crossword puzzle

Downtown Columbia, SC | Photo via @cinematic.aerials

It’s the first Monday of 2021 and we’re here to start the new year off a little different. 

Today is National Trivia Day and you know we love a challenge – so we have created a COLAtoday crossword puzzle just for you. Riddle me this, the goal of the game is fill all the squares with correct answers. There are 20+ clues all about Columbia for you to solve. 

Check it out and hopefully it won’t leave you too puzzled. 


How to play

  • Enter your guess for the clues in the empty squares
  • If playing virtually, correct answers will stay highlighted
  • To start over, hit “Reset”
  • Stumped? You’ll find all the answers in Tuesday’s newsletter. Make sure you’re subscribed here.