Meet COLAtoday’s Editorial Coordinator

Photo by Gavin H.

Hey Cola, Shari here. 👋 Occasionally you’ll see my face at the bottom of the newsletter + then I seem to disappear for a while. Our editors have received quite a few emails asking what happened to me + where I’ve gone. (This is incredibly sweet, by the way.)

Don’t worry: I am safe. No need to call Liam Neeson. 

I have not been taken | Giphy

The answer is simply that I am working with another market that day. Unlike our editors who live + work in their markets every day, I am the Editorial Coordinator for 6AM City, our parent company. My job is to support our editors across all seven markets, which doesn’t always look the same. On days/weeks when an editor is out of office, I support their co-editor in any way they need support that day. Other times, I am planning ahead + working on future projects

But on any given day, I am proudly working for 6AM City. 

A little bit more about me:

I am originally from California, but lived in Georgia, Germany, Chicago, and a few cities in SC before settling down in Greenville, SC in Aug. 2019.

I studied Theatre Arts + English Literature at Francis Marion University, in Florence, SC.

My go-to spots in Soda City are Trustus Theatre + Angel Chinese. Fun fact: my first job was delivering Angel Chinese when I was in high school in Cola. Go Blazers. 🐎

I haven’t lived in Soda City in quite some time, so feel free to reach out with any questions or recommendations for the next time I’m lucky enough to stay in your city.