Tapestry using Esri’s interactive technology in Columbia, SC

Esri’s interactive tapestry map ft. Columbia.

The City of Cayce received Esri’s Special Achievement in GIS for its mapping + analytics technology out of 300,000 candidates. Esri is a global leader for location intelligence for its Geographic Information System (GIS)

Speaking of Esri tech, we decided to do a little tech-digging ourselves using Esri’s interactive tapestry map. The tech company analyzes zip code data to define the characteristics of individuals in neighborhoods using a process called segmentation.

Esri’s interactive tapestry map ft. Columbia.


How it works

This tool sorts areas into 67 unique categories, or segments, based on demographics and socioeconomic characteristics, such as age, income + population — aka, it tells us generally who we are and what we have in common with our neighbors.

Users can input zip codes or click around the map to explore segments that best describe a particular area. In most cases, the results show the top 3 segments that define a neighborhood.

For example, you’ll discover groups like Affluent Estate Boomburbs (young professionals with families who’ve opted out of the newest housing to settle into suburbia) and the GenXurban (seniors approaching retirement who are generous, but not spendy).

Columbia’s tapestry

  • The city’s downtown area, zip code 29201, is largely defined as a college townTech savvy 20-somethings that are all about experiences + varieties of adventure all while supporting their college town aesthetic. Go Cocks, am I right? 
  • Cayce’s zip code 29033, is made up mostly of Genxurbans. This group is made up of mostly late 40s married couples with an average household income of $53,000 and tend to be more traditional folks who prefer to read the newspaper with a cup of coffee to start their mornings. 
  • West Columbia is repping some senior style in zip code 29169. This group mostly lives in retirement communities, is brand loyal, aka will likely spend a few extra bucks on brands they trust, but will also likely have a coupon in hand. This group likes leisure hobbies like fishing, vacationing, and going to the movies. 
  • Lexington locals are considered to live in the Boomburbs. With a median household income of $113,400, this group is considered to be well educated, and you can usually find them riding around in either SUV’s, luxury cars, or the classic soccer mom minivan

Outside of the segmentation tool, you can do a deeper dive into trending habits based on zip code, right down to shopping preferences + credit card debt.

Ready to explore your own Columbia neighborhood? Check out the map and let us know below if the tool has your personality and lifestyle pegged.