Here’s how to join a city board or commission

Want to get more involved in the city’s happenings, but don’t know where to begin? Joining a board or a commission can help fill that void in your life + an empty seat at their table. 

In Columbia, there are 35 boards + commissions focused on things like parks, airports, and food insecurity.Today we’re sharing the 16 that are currently vacant or have terms ending soon.

Accommodations Tax (A-Tax)

  • Three vacancies | Two-year term
  • The committee serves to receive, review + make recommendations to the City Council on proposals from those requesting money from the city’s Accommodation Tax Fund. 

Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

  • Five vacancies | Three-year term
  • Assist city officials and community partners to address bicycling and pedestrian issues +  develop a bicycle and pedestrian master plan.

Board of Zoning Appeals Forms Based Codes

  • Two vacancies | Three-year term
  • Hear and resolve appeals involving alleged errors in zoning administrator orders + requirements when the property is governed by a form based code.

 Bull Street Commission

  • Two vacancies 
  • Advise the city in achieving the vision and goals for developing Bull Street.

Building Board of Adjustment and Appeals

  • Six vacancies | Three-year term
  • Hear appeals as it relates to the 2006 International Building Code.  

Climate Protection Action Committee

  • Two non-voting vacancies | Three-year term
  • Recommend and oversee the development and implementation of projects to create a more sustainable community. 

Design Development Review Commission (DDRC)

  • Three vacancies for: an attorney, an architectural historian, a District 2 Community Representative | Three-year term
  • Review and approve works proposed within the city’s historic districts, urban design areas + designated landmarks. 

 Columbia Housing Authority (CHA)

  • One vacancy for a commissioner | Five-year term
  • Responsible for oversight of the Columbia Housing Authority which provides temporary, subsidized, safe, and decent sanitary housing for eligible persons.

 Commercial Revolving Loan Fund

  • Two vacancies for an attorney + a small business owner | Two-year term
  • Examine applications for loans from the City of Columbia Commercial Revolving Loan Fund and approve or disapprove them. 

Food Policy Committee

  • One vacany | Two-year term
  • Gather and address problems and find solutions to problems that promote sustainability. 

Greater Columbia Community Relations Council (GCCRC)

  • Three vacancies  | Three-year term
  • Serve to help develop better relations as they affect the greater Columbia area and make recommendations to the City Council. 

 Historic Columbia Foundation (HCF)

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Develop programs to support + protect the historical and cultural heritage of Columbia. 

Hospitality Tax (H-Tax)

  • Four vacancies:  one restauranteur and three at-large | Two-year term
  • Review applications for funding + make recommendations to the City Council. 

Planning Commission

  • One vacancy | Three-year term
  • Develop + maintain a program to benefit Columbia residents to address local development needs.  

Property Maintenance Board of Appeals

  • Two vacancies | Three-year term
  • Hear appeals to decisions by the Housing Official or to a notice of violation of the International Property Maintenance Code 

Richland Lexington Airport District Commission

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Maintain the infrastructure of airports and air navigation to serve the people of the Richland-Lexington airport district. 

Deadline — applications are due no later than tomorrow at 5 p.m. + can be submitted through the city’s new MatchBoard interface.