Answered: Locally rooted names for newborns


The Carolina Wren is SC’s state bird and nicknamed the “Mouth of the South” | Photo Wikicommons

DYK that the study of names is onomastics? It covers all kinds of names, including given names (first names) that often have distinct origins.

On Tuesday, we asked you to suggest names with a local connection for newborns. Here are five reader suggestions that stood out.

Brice — A reference to Williams-Brice Stadium and the longtime home of the Gamecock football team.
Blythe — The town of Blythewood was originally named for The Blythewood Female Institute. Before that, it was known as Doko, a Native American term for a watering place.
Cola Street names — Names like Gervais, Huger have plenty of Soda City pride but don’t expect their teachers to pronounce some of these correctly on the first day of class. JERVIS.....JERVIS.....JERVIS
Cooper and Saluda — Rivers are the lifeblood of Cola and South Carolina, so these names are fitting.
Wren — The Carolina Wren, SC’s state bird, is a shy songbird, but it loves to sing.