How to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day in Columbia, S.C.

Chicken sandwich special from Spotted Salamander | Photo by @foodjackeats

Hey, Cola – with tomorrow being National Fried Chicken Day, we couldn’t let the day go by without filling you in on the best places in Columbia to get your fried chicken fix. We asked our followers on social media if they had to recommend just one Cola restaurant to an out-of-towner, which has the best fried chicken? Here’s the top six places based on your votes:

1. Bernie’s

“DON’T👏EVEN👏PLAY👏 They’re going to Bernie’s and having some great chicken.” – Jacob H.

2. Zesto’s

“Zesto’s and then as a special treat, either their banana split or chocolate nut roll.” – Chuck H.

3. Drake’s Duck-In

“I genuinely can’t stress this enough: @drakesduckin” – @reganfreeman

4. Spotted Salamander

“@spottedsalamander has the best fried chicken sammich every Tuesday. CHANGE MY MIND” – @shortclay

5. Rush’s

“You left off Rush’s and that’s not okay” – @fclonts

6. Lizard’s Thicket

Lizard’s Thicket, duh @lizardsthicket” – @jamsawilliams

Honorable mentions:

@bld_diner open face hot chicken!!!” – @suzcrosthwaite

BLD Diner- the fried chicken biscuit with gravy, ask for the spicy hot sauce butter to drizzle over it 🤤– @hmsykes

@mr_friendlys or @solsticekitchen– @keytonnn

“RDB…Rosewood Dairy Bar 🍗🍦🍔” – @dhswindall

“The Kwik Way on Dutch Fork rd. on the way to the Lake.” – @luci_d

Kwik Way. All day. Every day.” – @sam_bendz

“The fried chicken sandwich at @steelhandsbrewing is amazing!!” – @amyalon

“Hands down, Carolina Buffet on Platt Springs Rd. Try it, you’ll go back time after time.” – @bembick

Peebles– @alfredo.mcbeans

Shealys in Batesburg has fabulous fried chicken, rice with white gravy, green beans, potato salad and so much more!” – Ginny S.

War Mouth’s fried chicken sandwiches at lunch are the best” – Will S.

Judy’s at the market” – Lauren Taylor W.

Farm Boys in Chapin. 11 am buffet. The best ! HUDSON’S on Sunset right out the fryer. CAN only do either of these about twice every three years or so. But delish.” – Liz B.

Hudsons– Cheryl Z.

Palmetto Roads gas station in Chapin across from the Crossroads Fire Department.” – Trey S.

Mack’s!” – Deborah A.

“Those Tin Roof Columbia chicken tenders are no joke.” – Thomas G.

True BBQ for sure!” – Jeffery H. 

True BBQ, Palmetto Pig & Zesto’s!” – Windi M. 

@palmetto_pig has some jam fried chicken– @heedthefeed

“I can’t believe no one has said Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles– Will S.

@Publix – sorry but their fried chicken is the best.– David M.

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