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The bloody best bloody marys in Columbia, SC

I love a bloody mary from my head tomatoes | Photo via @grillmarkscola

Did you know that Jan. 1 was National Bloody Mary Day? We didn’t either. I suppose sip happens, but to make sure we don’t sip up again we have compiled a list of the bloody best bloody marys we can find in the Soda City. 

For those who are not familiar with this brunchy beverage – a bloody mary typically combines vodka with a tomato juice mixture, which can be modified based on your heat preference. Some also go a little wild throwing in Worcestershire sauce, pickle juice, extra hot sauce, horseradish, or salt + pepper to really make the drink their own

A bloody mary is not only the best companion to brunch but can actually be a meal in itself if you know where to go to find the best toppings. The possibilities are endless for a bloody garnish, from adding a slice of bacon to a variety of pickled veggies in addition to the citrus, celery and olives. ProTipalways go for the stuffed olives. 

Let’s celery-brate the sips we found locally now that we all have bloodys on the brain. 

Cheers, Cola. 

BLD Diner | 4840 Forest Dr., Suite 26  

British Bulldog Pub | 1220 Bower Pkwy, E-10  

Bourbon | 1214 Main St.  

Cafe Strudel | 300 State St., West Columbia + 309 S. Lake Dr., Lexington 

DiPrato’s Delicatessen | 342 Pickens St.  

Gourmet Shop | 742 Saluda Ave.  

Grill Marks | 711 Gervais St.  

A little burger slider + a bloody mary = perfection | Photo provided via @grillmarkscola

Halls Chophouse | 1221 Main St. #150  

Home Team BBQ | 700 Harden St.  

Jake’s on Devine | 2112 Devine St.

Liberty Taproom in the Vista | 828 Gervais St. 

Liberty on the Lake | 1602 Marina Rd., Irmo  

Main Course | 1624 Main St. 

Market on Main | 1320 Main St. #150 

Motor Supply | 920 Gervais St. 

Pearlz | 936 Gervais St. 

Sip on this Gourmet Shop beverage | Photo via @thegourmetshop5points

Publico | 2013 Greene St.  

Steel Hands Brewery | 2350 Foreman St, Cayce  🍋 If you are brunching at the brewery and want a savory sip, order a bloody mary garnished with a lemon, lime and olives. Served only from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sunday. 

Tazza | 4840 Forest Dr. #20  

The Grand on Main | 1621 Main St. 

Thirsty Fellow | 621 Gadsden St.  

Twisted Spur | 705 Gervais St., Suite A.  

The War Mouth | 1209 Franklin St.  

Za’s on Devine | 2903 Devine St.  

Check out the COLAtoday team’s favorites.  

Jessica can’t go to brunch at Market on Main without ordering a bloody and Home Team’s garnishes are one of a kind. 

Lauren is a fan of Motor Supply’s house made bloody ingredients. 

Our Digital Media Intern Hope’s favorite local bloodys are Cafe Strudel + Sunday Funday at Publico.