Columbia’s Three Rivers Greenway expansion

With Dominion Energy’s partnership and $24 million in funding, discover how Columbia is expanding its Three Rivers Greenway to create a stunning riverfront path from Richland County to the Lake Murray dam.

Dominion energy and the City fo

The City of Columbia announced a partnership between the City and Dominion Energy to expand public access along the Saluda River. | Photo by City of Columbia

Columbia is expanding its Three Rivers Greenway, aiming to boost riverfront accessibility and tourism.

Dominion Energy has agreed to lease the City of Columbia 200 acres of land for $1 per year for 100 years to extend the riverwalk from Richland County along the Saluda River to the Lake Murray dam. Mayor Rickenmann hopes construction on the new trail will begin within six to eight months.

The city already has over $20 million in funding for this project and this news comes on the heels of the pedestrian bridge project we touched on earlier that will offer better access to the Saluda River on the West Columbia side.

Potential plans:

  • Greenway connectivity for trails that stretch from downtown Columbia to Saluda Shoals
  • Various exercise stations along trails
  • Outdoor lounging/sitting areas along the riverfront
  • Public access points for swimming, kayaking, and tubing activities
  • Mountain-biking trail