Get to know the four 2024 Ambassadors for Columbia

Experience Columbia introduced four local individuals who are going to be the 2024 Ambassadors for Columbia, a.k.a. the local insiders picked to represent our city.

2024 Columbia Ambassadors

From left to right — Amy Beth Franks, Crush Rush, David Laird, and Pam Bynoe-Reed | Photos by Forrest Clonts and Experience Columbia

Experience Columbia SC released the list of its 2024 Ambassadors for Columbia — aka the local insiders picked to represent our city.

The ambassador program aims to expand the reach + impact of Cola’s regional marketing efforts by telling our stories through the eyes of Soda Citizens who champion our city. Each ambassador helps create content for Experience Columbia SC in their areas of expertise.

This year’s ambassadors join the group of 16 “alumni” ambassadors.

Drumroll, please.

Amy Beth Franks

Crush Rush

  • A local and nationally published photographer + photojournalist

David Laird

Pamela Bynoe-Reed

  • Director of Marketing and Community Affairs + Public Information Officer for the Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority (The COMET)

Get to know this year’s ambassadors and check out Experience Columbia’s 2024 Insiders Guide, featuring the best of what the Soda City has to offer.