Midlands 2024 road pavement improvements

Here are the local and major roads in the Midlands of South Carolina that will be repaved in 2024 and how the roads were chosen to be rehabbed.

Green Street Bridge-4429.jpg

The new Greene Street bridge connects the road to Huger Street all the way to the center of campus. | Photo by COLAtoday

60.1 — that’s how many miles of road will be paved in Lexington and Richland Counties this year thanks to SCDOT’s 2024 Pavement Improvement Program.

The accelerated pavement program, now in its seventh year, is part of a 10-year, $2.8 billion program to work on 8,000 miles of roadway across the state. In 2023, the program was boosted by a $775 million funding increase and an additional 877 miles of road.

How were roads chosen?

The projects were chosen through a ranking process based on measurable criteria. This method ensures alignment with the plan and meets the Transportation Asset Management Plan’s targets, and equitable funding distribution for pavement improvements across all SC counties.

Richland County major road rehabs

  • Percival Road from Forest Drive to Windsor Lake Boulevard
  • 277 from Harden Street Extension to Fontaine Road
  • Farrow Road from Cindy Drive to Pisgah Church Road
  • Fort Jackson Boulevard from Garners Ferry Road to Fort Jackson entrance

See SCDOT resources for secondary roads and neighborhood street details.

Lexington County roads

  • Charleston Highway from the Frink Street interaction toward I-26
  • Augusta Road (Hwy 1) from Methodist Park Road to the I-26 intersection
  • Sunset Boulevard (Hwy 378) from the I-20 interchange to North Lake Drive
  • East 1st Street and Saint Matthews Road in downtown Swansea
  • Highway 321 leading to Gaston

See SCDOT resources for secondary roads and neighborhood street details.

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