Columbia’s Local Year in Search 2022 💻

Think, Spotify wrapped but with our collective browsing histories instead

Fall in Columbia, SC

The Soda City in fall.

Photo by COLAtoday

If you recently Googled “Pallas cats” or “Korean bbq” you aren’t alone.

In fact, the Pallas cat was Columbia’s top trending animal this year. Also, our city was one of only two places ( the other being Florence, SC) that had Korean bbq as a top trending “near me” search.

Google pulled together the Columbia area’s top trending searches from 2022 and we’re here to share the top five search results. Spoiler alert: We like our food trucks close and our gas prices cheap.

DYK — The Columbia, SC area searched for “food trucks near me” more than any other place in the U.S.?

As you sip on your newfound recipe for our area’s top trending recipe — a refreshing Aperol spritz — read through Cola’s Top 10 trending “near me” searches in 2022.

1. ⚠️ Earthquake near me

  • You weren’t the only ones who were shaken by earthquakes this year. We had so many, we decided to do our own research, and here’s what we found.

2. 🏡 Estate sales near me

3. 👗 Prom dresses near me

  • Have you heard of The Cinderella Project? Once a year, SC lawyers become fairy godmothers to young ladies in need of a perfect prom outfit. Read about the mission and how it works here.

4. ⛽️ Cheapest gas near me
5. 🚙 Gas prices near me

  • If you’re a fan of road-tripping around the Southeast, we’ve got you covered with our Hit The Road series. Bonus — It includes local car care and where you can find the cheapest gas in town.

Itching to know what else your neighbors have been Googling? Check out the full list of the Columbia area’s top 10 trending “near me” searches.

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