Local construction company awarded the construction bid for The Finlay Park Revitalization Project

In the August 1 City Council meeting, funding was approved and a local business was awarded the construction bid for the Finlay Park Revitalization Project, which will take about two years.

Finlay Park

The updates to Finlay Park include a revitalized fountain and new walkways. | Rendering from the City of Columbia via the design team, Stantec + LS3P.

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Update at Finlay Park — during this week’s City Council meeting, Mashburn Construction Company, a local, full-service construction company, was awarded the construction bid.

You may recognize some of Mashburn’s work around Columbia, like its involvement in restoring or building:

  • The historic W.B. Whaley House
  • The Grand
  • The War Mouth
  • Hotel Trundle
  • Halls Chophouse
  • and more

Let’s back up — an ordinance authorizing the funding of the revitalization and construction of the 17.5-acre park was passed during a February City Council meeting, but plans to update Finlay Park have been in the works for quite a while.

A groundbreaking has not been announced, but construction is now expected to take approximately two years.

Fun fact: Mashburn isn’t the only local company involved with this project — Stantec, LS3P, Civitas, Fountain Division of W. P. Law Inc., and Chao & Associates Inc. are local architects, engineers, builders, and designers, all working together to bring the full project to life.

Finlay Park

Each number on the map represents a new feature or an existing amenity that will be updated. | Rendering from the City of Columbia via the design team, Stantec + LS3P.

Updated funding

As outlined in the action item memo, the revitalization should not exceed $22,450,000 (with contingencies) and funding for the project will come from the below breakdown:

  • General Fund Balance: $2 million
  • Congaree Vista Fund Balance: $3 million
  • Hospitality Tax Fund Balance: $3.5 million
  • SC Parks, Recreation, Tourism (SCPRT): $1 million
  • Bond: $10.5 million
  • Hospitality Tax: $2.6 million

Amenity Shelter Rendering | Rendering from the City of Columbia via the design team, Stantec + LS3P.

Coming updates

The goal for the project hasn’t changed. The plan is to update existing amenities and increase accessibility, safety, and visibility so citizens are encouraged to partake in outdoor activities.

One of the biggest key features of the new park will be the renovated fountain that will flow into a new central pond. The new water feature will also incorporate sustainable techniques to treat stormwater.

Other amenities include:

  • Improved ADA circulation
  • Constructing new multi-use structures for events and park activation
  • Restrooms
  • Playgrounds
  • Enhanced lighting and parking
  • Public art
  • A plaza overlook
  • Preserving the Vista Greenway connection

Take time to read through the full 40-page master plan updated in November 2022 that includes more renderings, floor plans, inspiration pictures, and more.