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Get your sweat on at gyms around Columbia

From lifting weights, indoor rock climbing, personal training, dance fitness, boxing classes, and martial arts programs — we’ve rounded up 30+ gyms and fitness offerings around Columbia.

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Get fit in rhythm at the new BEATS Barre Studio. | Photo by BEATS Barre Studio

Amy Guinn

Exercising doesn’t look the same for everyone — what’s fun and muscle-building for one person may be a slog for someone else. Fun fact: all of the gyms listed below were nominated by our readers, so you can see what other Soda Citizens are doing and find something that works for you.

Columbia is home to many opportunities for exercise, whether you enjoy lifting weights, dancing to hip-hop tunes for a little cardio action, or boxing for a full-body workout. Use this guide as a resource for all things fitness in the Soda City.

Pro tip: Not sure which to try first? Try out multiple gyms with a free trial on ClassPass.

For those looking for variety

BEATS Barre Studio, 1835 Gervais St., Suite C, Columbia
BEATS — standing for burn, energize, tone, and sculpt — offers a 360-degree floor routine with optional ankle weights, dynamic arm workouts featuring wristbands, weights, and resistance bands, ballet-inspired barre sessions for full-body strength, and high-energy dance classes set to invigorating beats.

Capital Climbing Gym, 901 State St., Cayce
With over 2,000 sqft of climbing surface and a state-of-the-art 12x12 Kilter Board for tracking progress, climbers have ample opportunities to challenge themselves and choose which membership option works for them, including day passes and monthly memberships. The gym boasts 5,900 sqft of space with ample parking.

Rockbox Fitness, 929 N Lake Dr., Suite F, Lexington
Enjoy dynamic workout classes that fuse boxing, kickboxing, and functional training. With classes that are never the same, expect a full-body burn during a 50-minute session.

Warrior Fitness & Martial Arts, 1055 Market Rd., Columbia
Warrior Fitness aims to recognize that fitness is a personal battle for each individual. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, its gym offers 24/7 access and unique classes including weightlifting workouts and personal training.

Orange Theory in Columbia SC

Try Orange Theory Fitness if you’re looking for a HIIT-style workout. | Photo by COLAtoday team

For those who want HIIT to burn

F45 Forest Acres, 4333 Fort Jackson Blvd., Columbia,
F45 prides itself on providing innovative, high-intensity functional group workouts that are both fast and fun. It aims to assist you in becoming your fittest, strongest, and healthiest self through its science-backed approach to fitness — cardio, resistance, hybrid, and recovery. Pro tip: it also offers help in the nutritional department with the F45 Nutrition Portal, an easy-to-follow online diet program that complements its training.

Basecamp Fitness, 3009 Millwood Ave. #300, Columbia
At Basecamp Fitness, you’ll experience high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. Each session kicks off with 1 minute of intense cardio on the air bike, followed by 35 minutes of dynamic strength-building exercises using weights, kettlebells, TRX, medicine balls, and bodyweight movements. The workout concludes with a 10-minute core and recovery session.

Burn Bootcamp, multiple locations
At Burn Bootcamp, you can expect dynamic workouts that feature alternating strength and conditioning days, ensuring a varied and effective training regimen that targets different areas of the body each session. With non-repetitive workouts, their 45-minute sessions include an active warm-up, a scalable workout led by trainers, and a challenging finisher.

Carolina Crossfit, 1825 Laurel St., Columbia
Carolina CrossFit’s program combines various exercises, including weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, kettlebell training, gymnastics, and endurance conditioning, ensuring constant challenges and avoiding routine. The gym’s spacious facility is equipped with a wide array of equipment, allowing members to perform total body, functional movements at high intensities.

Orange Theory Fitness, multiple locations
Workouts are based on heart rate training zones to optimize results. Its approach adjusts your effort level based on your heart rate, aiming to spend 12 to 20 minutes in the “Orange Zone” for maximum metabolic boost and calorie burn. Expect a comprehensive workout including strength training to build muscle, rowing for total-body engagement, and treadmill exercises tailored to your heart rate response and fitness level.

Rise fitness and wellness

RISE offers small classes so you can enjoy working out in a group setting while receiving one-on-one attention. | Photo by RISE Fitness + Wellness and Michaela Leung.

For those who enjoy working out alongside others

RISE fitness + wellness, 1727- A, 1727 Harden St, Columbia
Rise Fitness + Wellness prioritizes the power of connection through its pilates workouts that focus on connecting the mind and body. It also believes group fitness can still be personal, so it offers small classes where locals can have the benefits of personal training at the value of group fitness.

Sozo Family Fitness, 510 Columbia Ave., Chapin

Sozo Family Fitness prioritizes overall well-being. With a supportive environment and trainers, it ensures every workout is enjoyable and effective. It includes tailored workouts, nutritional guidance, and accountability to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

KORU, 2773 Rosewood Dr., Columbia
Koru Group Fitness — led by owner and head trainer Lisa Austin — believes in harnessing the power of group dynamics to motivate and support individual fitness goals. Its studio offers small group training sessions by appointment only, limited to nine participants per session.

StrongHER, 114 N Church St., Lexington
Welcome to StrongHER, a women’s-only fitness facility founded by Ashley Kates, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. Recognizing the need for a holistic approach to women’s health, Ashley created StrongHER to address the unique challenges women face hormonally, mentally, and physically.


Pro tip: Complimentary childcare is available for every group training class. | Photo by EQ Fitness + Physical Therapy and Hannah Boyles

For those who want one-on-one training

EQ Fitness & Physical Therapy, 2414 Devine St., Columbia
This local gym hopes to challenge what it means to be physically fit and offers physical therapy by Dr. Kate Newsom, PT, DPT along with training classes. It offers group classes are 45 minutes, 24-hour gym access, and one-on-one personal care. Pro tip: it offers complimentary childcare for group training classes.

Elite Personal Training Studio, 1186 Columbia Ave #101, Irmo
Led by owner Tina, it offers personalized training and nutrition programs tailored to individual goals and needs. Whether you prefer one-on-one attention or the camaraderie of small group training, its coaches help guide you every step of the way.

StretchLab Forest Acres, 4623 Forest Dr., Suite 2, Columbia
StretchLab hopes to transform one-on-one assisted stretching and flexibility training. In its personalized sessions, lasting either 25 or 50 minutes, you’ll work with trained Flexologists who will tailor stretches to your unique needs. These sessions are ideal for relieving tension, reducing pain, and improving muscle stress.

Temple, 536 Meeting St., West Columbia
Temple prioritizes the importance of moving well and being able to withstand resistance, internally + externally. Its training is offered in private sessions, partner sessions, or small group sessions, all designed to provide locals with a focus on strength, movement quality, longevity, and more.

Rooted Yoga

Finishing up a class at Rooted Yoga in Queens Pose. | Photo by @rootedyogasc

For those who enjoy the flow

Bikram Hot Yoga, 4715 Forest Dr., Columbia
Bikram Yoga Columbia is Columbia’s sole certified Bikram Studio, specializing in the Original Hot Yoga 26 posture Bikram Series. The studio boasts six additional class types, including Vinyasa Flow, Torched Barre, HIIT, Vin to Yin, Yin Yoga, and Hot Pilates.

Fit Columbia, 2121 College St, Columbia
Ever wanted to do yoga with your kids, pup, or baby goats? Fit Columbia offers several unique yoga classes that will get you and your two or four-legged friends flowing. Pro tip: It also offers aerial yoga classes.

Rooted Yoga, 141 S Shandon St. F, Columbia
Rooted Yoga offers a diverse range of classes, including warm power vinyasa, all-level vinyasa yoga, gentle yoga + guided meditation, Tai Chi, dynamic flows, and more. It also offers Sakhi Yoga School — a 200-hour, eight-month program consisting of a yoga curriculum that will help you to become a certified yoga teacher.

Want even more flow-style workouts? Check out our Yoga City Guide.

planet fitness

Planet Fitness — located in several places around the Midlands — welcomes every level of fitness. | Photo by @alicepyh

For those who want a little bit of everything

Arena Athletic Club, 4600 Forest Dr., Suite 6, Columbia
Arena Athletic Club’s mission is to guide and encourage each member to achieve their specific goals. On top of personal training + small group training, it also offers youth classes that are designed to engage kids and teens in age-appropriate activities while teaching fundamental movements.

Downtown YMCA, 1447 Hampton St., Columbia
The YMCA of Columbia, where community, health, and social responsibility come together. With a wide range of programs, classes, and services, the YMCA offers something for everyone, bringing people together to build positive relationships and make meaningful contributions to their neighborhoods and communities.

MUV, mutiple locations
With locations across the Pacific Northwest and Southeast US, its gyms offer a wide range of amenities, including group fitness classes, small group sessions, personal training, pool and Jacuzzi access, aqua fitness, and onsite childcare. It also offers diverse classes such as Barre, RPM, Cycle Beats, Yoga, Zumba, and Aqua Fitness to suit every preference.

Planet Fitness, multiple locations
Planet Fitness aims to create a space where everyone is welcome in the Judgement Free Zone. Its memberships provide 24/7 access to its clubs and additional perks for PF Black Card members, including free guest privileges and access to all 2,500+ locations. Its goal is to help members succeed at an affordable cost.

Studio Fire, 2917 Rosewood Dr., Columbia
Studio Fire’s unique fitness approach blends mind-body strengthening with infrared heat. Explore a diverse range of classes including vinyasa yoga, barre, HIIT, dance cardio, resistance training, stretch, and breathwork.

Woman working out on astroturf rooftop

The WKRT staff recently worked out on Brookland’s lush rooftop | Photo provided

For those who want to shake and strengthen

Barre3, multiple locations
Barre3 offers workout experiences that blend strength, cardio, and mindfulness that are led by expert instructors in-studio. You can try your first class for free at select locations. Additionally, Barre3 provides access to over 600 on-demand workouts through its online subscription.

Club Pilates, multiple locations
Beyond Reformers, Club Pilates studios feature a range of apparatus, from TRX to Bosu balls, providing a comprehensive workout experience. Members can also participate in challenges, contests, and exclusive events like the world’s first Club Pilates retreat.

Level Fitness, 1500 Brentwood Dr., Columbia
Level Fitness, founded by Columbia-based trainers Hannah Buckner and Lilly Greenhalgh, offers Lagree Fitness training, hot yoga, hot-mat Pilates, and personalized sessions.

Pure Barre, 2123 Greene St. A, Columbia
Pure Barre offers low-impact, high-intensity workouts designed to tone and strengthen your entire body in 50 minutes. The Pure Barre Align class focuses on flexibility and balance training. Elevate your heart rate and metabolism with Pure Barre Empower. For those seeking muscular strength and definition, the Pure Barre Define class combines barre technique with weight-based training to enhance form and confidence.

The Pilates Studio, multiple locations
Established in Columbia in 2005 with a focus on delivering excellent results through consistent and proper movement, it offers alternative workouts to traditional forms of exercise, aiming to alleviate stress and address work-related wear and tear.

The WRKT, multiple locations
The WRKT, founded by Karis Loewen in 2019, aims to blend professionalism in Pilates instruction with tangible results, offering methods like The Tower, The Reformer, and The Megaformer. Coming soon is the WRKT Method — on-demand classes + Lexington, SC.

Gear up

Don’t forget to set your movement adventure up for success with tried-and-true gym favorites.

Owala FreeSip water bottle | Stay hydrated at the gym with a beloved stainless steel bottle — you can get it as large as 40 oz. for max hydration.

Baleaf women’s fleece-lined leggings | Make facing workouts on chilly mornings easier with fleece-lined leggings — plus, choose how many pockets you want on them.

Silicone ear tips for AirPods | Earbuds will slip out at the gym no more thanks to simple silicone ear tips that keep AirPods in place.

Aesthetic Built scuba oversized half-zip hoodie | A roomy, soft sweatshirt with thumbholes and a kangaroo pocket.

Aesthetic Built perfect muscle scallop tee | This men’s tee was made to accentuate biceps, chest, and shoulders.

HOKA Women’s Clifton 9 Sneaker | Set your cardio workouts up for success with a sneaker designed to increase foot comfort and absorb the shock of high-impact exercise.

Heathyoga non-slip body alignment yoga mat | Beginners and advanced yoga students alike will love the alignment lines on this mat to take your form to the next level.

CRZ Butterluxe high-waisted leggings | These buttery-soft leggings feature gentle compression and are considered a Lululemon alternative by reviewers.

Bala Bangles | Ready to up the ante of any workout? Use Bala Bangles on wrists or ankles for added resistance.

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