Get a taste of Columbia as a flavor of ice cream

From sweet tea to peach, here are what ice cream flavors you said best describe our city.

Five ice cream cones and lots of sprinkles.

If the ice cream is strawberry, that means it counts as a serving of fruit — right? Asking for a friend. | Photo via Unsplash

Recently, we asked you to come up with a unique ice cream flavor that describes Columbia and utilizes one to three locally sourced ingredients. After reading all of your responses, it’s safe to say that our mouths are watering. Here were some of our favorites:

Cottle Strawberry Farm ice cream topped with dark chocolate covered pecans from The Peanut Man and diced fresh strawberries. Called “Summer Strawberry Indulgence.” - Becky R.

A sweet tea flavored ice cream topped with sliced strawberries from Cottle Strawberry Farm and fresh basil from the Columbia Farmers Market. Called “Soda City Sunrise.” - Jackson L.

Peach ice cream topped with a hummingbird cupcake from Lita’s Treats. Called “Peach Perfect.” - Lisa L.

A USC women’s basketball-themed ice cream featuring coffee ice cream using coffee from Oliver Gospel Roastery and topped with caramel popcorn bits from Carolina Kernels. Called “Natty Crunch.” - Madelyn S.

Steel Hands Brewing Pecan Brown Ale flavored ice cream with Bell’s Honey, pecan butter toffee from Soda City Candy, and Colombia Tolima coffee from Loveland Coffee. Called “Pregame Puh-KAHN Coffee Toffee.” - Laura R.

Vanilla bean in a ginger cookie bowl that’s topped with diced peaches from McLeod Farms, toasted pecans from Golden Kernel Pecan Company, and drizzled with a syrup made from Cavalier Cream Pecan Praline from Gorget Distillery. Called “Peachy Pecan Rum-ble.” - Kim P.

The only thing we need now is a local ice cream shop to make one of these flavors a reality. Sweet Cream Co., Scoopy Doo Gelato Shop, The Baked Bearwe’re looking at you.

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