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Doctors’ Orders: Eating healthy at Cafe Strudel

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What would a doctor order for brunch? Eggsellent question.

Photo via Unsplash

We’re back with another round of Doctors’ Orders, a series in which Midlands physicians weigh in on what to eat at some of our favorite local restaurants.

Today, we’re sipping a cup of coffee and perusing the menu at Cafe Strudel with Dr. Scott Graupner, oncologist with Lexington Medical Cancer Center.

“Cafe Strudel is known for their brunch, so I’m picking the smoked salmon omelet,” says Dr. Graupner. “Sticking close to the Mediterranean style diet with tomato, spinach, a leaner goat cheese, and of course the salmon!”

“A Mediterranean diet is generally what I recommend as we’ve seen a decreased risk for development of common cancers such as colon, breast, and prostate, as well as a risk reduction in recurrence for patients who have battled these cancers.”

How to enjoy a Mediterranean diet

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