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Goat Daddy’s Farm: a viral sensation in our backyard

Goat Daddy’s Farm in Elgin, just outside of Columbia, opens its doors to visit it’s array of rescue animals and dairy goats. Plus, you can pick up some cheese and raw goats milk for the road.


Goat Daddy’s Farm host field trips to help teach kids about farming and animals | Photo by Goat Daddy’s

Millions of eyes are on Goat Daddy’s Farm located just outside of Columbia. With 4.4 million followers on TikTok, animal lovers from across the world are tuning in to watch everything from baby goats getting their bottled breakfast to tips on how to kiss a camel.

It all began in Lake Carolina, where the founders, Josh Slade and his husband Jason, found themselves adopting a baby potbelly pig from the flea market. As the pig outgrew their property, the search was on for a larger space in Northeast Columbia.

More than a dairy farm, Goat Daddy’s (144 Tomahawk Trail, Elgin) is an animal sanctuary with over 100 animals from across the world, and even one from Main Street.

“We’ve got a ferret that was found running loose in downtown Columbia.” Jason Southers (owner) said.


Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. | Photo by Goat Daddy’s

Today, the farm is a 501c3 nonprofit, and its goat dairy products like milk and cheese can be found at local shops like Wingard’s Market and 14 Carrot. The farm also offers a fridge farm stand at the gate.

The heart of the farm lies in its mission: education and providing forever homes for animals. Open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., for $10 the public is welcome to meet the animals and walk two miles of shaded trails through the forest. It’s a unique opportunity to get up close with Zaboo and Cleo, the resident kinkajous. Plus, if you need a nap, it’s not unusual to see someone snoozing with the baby goats.

Goat Daddy’s also offers field trips for students, open days for bottle feeding the animals, and baby goat yoga with mimosas some evenings. Every visit and purchase directly aids in covering vet bills and animal care.

In a world full of viral videos and fleeting trends, Goat Daddy’s shows the power of community, care, and a little bit of quirkiness. What’s next? They’re preparing to represent at the upcoming Animal Con in Florida, the top conference for animal content creators.

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