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Progress report on the historic Bull Street cupola

The new cupola will be placed back atop the historic Babcock building in early August, nearly three years after a fire burned the structure down.


The base of the new cupola being constructed outside of the Babcock building. | Photo by COLAtoday

Next week, construction workers will raise the base of the new cupola atop the Babcock Building, followed by the new dome addition. For Clachan Properties, the company renovating the historic mental health facility, this marks the pinnacle of a nine-year process.

A fire in September 2020 destroyed the iconic dome, once a recognizable skyline landmark. Thanks to a heroic and quick response from first responders, the project was able to be salvaged.

The construction to update the cupola, with many original features, began in January with a team of ~50 people from different companies working together on this rare project.

Over the next two weeks, the new dome will arrive in Columbia and the new 58,000-pound structure will be secured back on the building.

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